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Canopy Boulder steers funding to businesses behind the marijuana industry

September 21, 2015

It’s risky, unproven, and still illegal at the federal level, but a group of Boulder investors is betting on the cannabis industry.

They’ve launched Canopy Boulder, a mentorship and seed-stage investment program, and put up $1.2 million to shepherd 20 entrepreneurs into the new, fast-growing field of marijuana ancillary businesses and services.

The way they see it, the cannabis market is theirs for the taking. But because it’s new, there is no model to look to for guidance.

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Getting High on Selling Pot Packages

October 6, 2015

Legalized marijuana is not proving to be a boon to tourism—but it is a niche market that entrepreneurial travel agents might want to consider, says Peter Yesawich, Vice Chairman of marketing giant MMGY Global,

In a new quarterly Travelhorizons survey released last week, MMGY found that while the “mile-high expectations for the potential of ‘weed tourism’ may be overstated,” interest in visiting Colorado, for example, has increased 18% among young travelers since pot was made legal there.

There’s no denying that pot is a growth business. The Colorado Pot Guide lists 420 “pot-friendly lodgings.” Last week the Santee Sioux tribe announced plans for a “marijuana resort” on its South Dakota Indian reservation. Scheduled to open for New Year’s Eve, it is expected to generate $2 million a month in revenues. It joins Colorado’s 170-acre CannaCamp, which opened July 1 with rates starting at $395 a night, and a collection of hotels and B&Bs that promise peaceful—and legal—surroundings in which guests can toke up.

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What’s next for cannabis industry? Diverse, portable business models

November 1, 2015

Justin Henderson was a little gun-shy at first. But it was 2008, and the Great Recession had stalled the real estate industry, leaving the Denver-based developer sitting on properties that weren’t cash-flowing. When a couple of friends and colleagues started leasing their warehouses to pot growers, Henderson weighed his own options. “It’s a tricky thing to tell everybody in your conservative financial life that you’re part of the marijuana industry,” he said.

Henderson now heads a company he believes is poised to become a mover in the cannabis industry beyond Colorado’s borders.

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Boulder County pot entrepreneurs woo investors ahead of business conference

November 10, 2015

November is a big month for Dhaval Shah.

He’s getting married in little more than a week. Two days before that, he’ll be presenting at the Canopy Boulder demo day for his subscription cannabis accessory business, Ganja Boxes. Tuesday, he is pitching in front of 500 investors in Las Vegas ahead of the largest marijuana business conference of the year, hoping to secure both funds and contacts to grow his fledgling company.

But there’s no doubt which one he’s more nervous about.

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Pot & tech meet in startup targeting medical marijuana market

November 12, 2015

“We recognize that within the market, there’s a lack of precise methods of patients to consume cannabis,” Lombino said. “We are creating a product designed purely for medical patients and not just recreational users.”

However, Lombino clarified that The Newton is not a medical device, at least not until its approved for the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it cannot be covered by patients’ health insurance, and would cost $600-$800.Ananas will roll out The Newton at a discount by selecting 100 applicants from its early adopter program. Again, Ananas will target patients in states where medical marijuana is legal, as the company can still work with doctors to home in on the exact dosage that maximizes pain alleviation.As The Newton clears FDA hurdles, Lombino believes he can convince patients that his product is ultra-effective and worth the lofty price tag.

Move over pizza boy, this start-up dishes out pot on demand

November 11, 2015

Watch SpeedWeed co-founders Jen and AJ Gentile roll out their business model that’s bringing LA residents pot on demand.

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Boulder County’s cannabis innovators have big plans for 2016

December 12, 2015

Mood mixers, marijuana cocktails and cannabis genomes — these concepts may be unfamiliar to casual followers of the burgeoning Colorado pot scene, but they will likely be the driving forces behind an industry that is on track to generate $1 billion in sales for 2015.

As changing demographics and evolving regulation continue to shape the industry, Boulder County businesses remain near the epicenter of the rapidly changing cannabis landscape, crafting healthy edibles and driving research into the plant that has captivated consumers, scientists and investors alike.

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Cannabis 2.0: Are Terpenes The Secret To Customizable Highs?

February 25, 2016

BOULDER, Colorado — Humming to himself, Charles Jones makes his way up a muddy hiking trail snaking through the Colorado foothills on an unseasonably warm winter day, his colleagues Dave Georgis and David Lohndorf following close behind. Part of the way up the trail, with the city of Boulder stretched below, Jones stops and smiles at the others, then at me. “Should we do a mood?” he asks.

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Cannabis, Boulder, Canopy Boulder

November 19, 2015

Nascent cannabis entrepreneurs from Canopy Boulder’s fall class faced a tough crowd of investors at eTown Hall on Wednesday, fielding questions about unproven business models and inflated valuations during an investor preview round of pitches.

Teams from nine companies presented in private sessions to groups of local investors, a warm-up of sorts to the public event Wednesday evening. About 30 investors were in attendance, full of advice for the green businesses.

“Don’t pitch me a product; pitch me the market,” said Don Grede, chief capital officer for California-based Aquarius Cannabis, a marijuana branding company. “You should be able to tell me why I should invest without even identifying the product.”

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Lucidmood Coupon Code Choose Your Cannabis Mood

March 30, 2016

Imagine being able to pick your moods just as easily as you pick an item off a restaurant menu. Sound hard to believe? Our next guest Charles Jones from Choose believes his new product Lucid Mood can do just that. Charles welcome to CannaInsider.

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It is a budding industry, after all…

April 19, 2016

We’re hitting a new high this 4/20. Thanks to recent marijuana legalization measures, experts predict that Wednesday could be a record-setting 4/20 for pot sales. In Colorado alone, where recreational pot use became legal at the beginning of 2014, stores sold nearly $5 million worth of recreational and medicinal marijuana last April 20.

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Why ‘Blue Dream’ Was The #1-Seller In Both Colorado And Washington

March 4, 2016

A recent article by Julia Wright at Civilized called Why ‘Blue Dream’ Was The #1-Seller In Both Colorado And Washington, referencing this study from BDS Analytics revealed that Blue Dream was the best selling strain in both Colorado and Washington in 2015. It’s an interesting finding that they attribute mostly to the marketing of the strain. But, perhaps there’s more to Blue Dream’s popularity than just simple branding…

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